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Stall Curtains / Valance Banners
Wrap Bags, Trunk Covers, Jump Panels

Where we live and ride, show season is now all year round. It’s no longer May to September! But during that time of year you might attend a 4 day show, trailering in for the whole 4 days. You have booked a row of stalls for your horses and really want to make a statement… let everyone know you are there!! Turn one of the stalls into a change room, or tack room… maybe even win a prize for the “best dressed” barn at the show. Whatever your motivation, let Sharon’s Cozy Horse Creations help you with your presentation for your coming show season.

  • 420D Nylon Oxford fabric OR 600D Polyester Oxford fabric (slightly heavier grade with a cottony fabric surface feel)
  • Stands up to water, rain and wind, quick dry after the rain
  • Nickel or brass coloured grommets across the top of the panels and valance
  • Casing seam to allow for a draw string for added tie up support
  • Seam allows for ribbons to be hung along the bottom of the valance banner
  • Velcro tabs at bottom of valance connect to tabs on full panel curtain to reduce wind distraction should horses be near
  • 7’, 7.5’, or 8’ lengths, need more, let us know?
  • Can be embroidered with logo’s and stable, owner info and barn location
  • Accent piping and edge trim
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Stall Curtains / Valance Banners
  • Full Panel 9’6” wide approximately (We use double width of a roll of fabric, usually 58” to 60” wide but lose a bit of that width due to finishing the edges and centre seam.)
  • 3 Piece “Palgrave” Set has a 13” top valance, and two panels, one fits the swing/slider door of the stall and the other is full height to hang on the fixed wall panel of the stall. Sized to fit Palgrave stalls.
  • Valance Banners. 16” tall and 9’6’ inches wide to match your curtain. For the valance instead of a centre seam we split the second panel “on the quarter line” to ensure no embroidery runs over a seam in the centre of the valance.
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Wrap Bags

Made to match your curtains, one for each individual rider or horse travelling to the show, they promote your stable with your logo, rider and horse’s name. Each wrap bag requires a wooden dowel to provide top support and can be hung on the stall door at the show by rope or affixed with screws. These can be provide if required, please see our price list. A panel at the back creates a pocket to store each horse’s shipping wraps. 24” wide x 18” tall.

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Custom Trunk Covers

Also made to match your stall curtain order with complementing piping and edge trim. Can be embellished with rider’s names and/or stable name. Trunk covers require measurements be taken of your trunk as all trunk orders are custom sizes and a pattern must be made separately for each one.

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False Jump Panel

A false jump panel is a small curtain for one of your jump rails that visually creates a wall to jump but is no more a physical barrier than the original pole slid into the casing at the top. 9.5 feet wide and approximately 2’ to 2’6 tall. An excellent training tool.

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