Your Dog – Your OTHER Best Friend!

Don’t you think he needs to look like one of the team too!? Or just be a well-dressed family member? Or maybe he’s just plain cold all the time!!!

There are thousands of dog blankets, coats, sweaters, jumpers, snow-suits, rain coats out there for your dog all in different styles. Even dresses and suits for attending fancy functions...

But…Ours look like miniature horse blankets and are styled exactly like our Horse/Pony Show Blankets. He’ll look sharp sitting next to you in the golf cart at the horse show decked out in his Stable Logo'd Coat! They even come in our Fly Sheet Jersey fabric to help protect them from the flies or the sun.

We invite you to take a look at our Dog product line to the right, and give us a call to get that best friend of yours dressed properly!!