Saddle Pads

Dressage, Jumper, Cavalry... For your Horse, Pony, Draft

Saddle Pads....there are so many out there to choose from! If you are like most riders you have a huge collection of them! But what about one that has your barn logo on it, instead of a brand logo? Promote your team not theirs!!

Professional saddle fitters say that if your saddle fits correctly you don’t need a pad at all. You use one to protect your expensive saddle’s leather from sweat and dirt. Our pads are much thinner than saddle pads found in local tack shops. They are about the thickness of a baby or schooling pad. This makes them easy to embroider and wash.

Quilted: The outer layer of the quilting, top and bottom, is made of 65% cotton / 35% polyester which prevents excessive shrinkage when laundered. We stock quilting in White, Black, Navy, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Red and Grey. There are many other colours to choose from however we require a minimum order of 10 saddle pads on special orders. Pads can be made in Jumper, Dressage and custom shapes and come in pony, horse, draft and custom sizes.

Wool: Using our Melton Wool, (see Show Blanket wool specifications) we have a basic pad with a curved front, called our cavalry pad. Wool saddle pads have been used historically for the cavalry in many countries and are still used today.

Both fabrics can be embroidered easily with your logo and name.