Custom Melton Wool Show Blankets

Classy & Elegant That’s what we do! We work only in Melton Wool for your show blanket. Melton wool repels water and rain and is moisture wicking. Wool is unique in that it will keep your horse warm when it is cold out and cools your horse when it is warm. When competing at a horse show, you warm up your horse ready to perform in the ring, and then must stand and wait your turn to enter the arena! Keep him covered, cozy and ready to perform. Your horse is an athlete!


  • Available from mini to draft.
  • 80% Virgin Wool + 20% Nylon (instead of 75% reprocessed wool + 20% nylon + 5% other).
  • Weight 24 oz.
  • Embroider them with your name or logo.
  • Great for show prizes and sponsorship promotions.
  • Dry Clean only.
  • Custom fitting available at extra cost.