Stall Curtains / Valance Banners

  • Full Panel 9’6” wide approximately (We use double width of a roll of fabric, usually 58” to 60” wide but lose a bit of that width due to finishing the edges and centre seam.) 
  • Split Panels are the same 9'6" width without the center seam.  
  • 3 Piece "Palgrave” set has a 13” top valance, and two panels, one fits the swing/slider door of the stall and the other is full height to hang on the fixed wall panel of the stall. Sized to fit Palgrave stalls.
  • 4 Piece set suitable for showing in the USA.  The split door panel is made from the full width of the available bolt of fabric.  The remaining side panel can be what ever width you need.  A Valance matches the top grommets to complete the look.  Tie backs are available as well.  
  • Valance Banners for end walls are 16” tall and 9’6’ inches wide to match your curtain. For the valance instead of a centre seam we split the second panel "on the quarter line” to ensure no embroidery runs over a seam in the centre of the valance.

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